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Titan Fitness Gym Life Documentary – EP 02

So Titan Fitness Gym and myself (Sylvester) have been through some tough times like the gym flooding twice, empty classes, not making ends meat and trusted personal trainers opening their own places after seeing the success of the gym. Therefore having to dust myself off and keep pushing. This is often the case where people see the success of something and don’t see the blood sweat and tears that go into running a ‘successful’ business.

As a result of this I’ve decided to show the ins and outs of the Gym. Everything from how the classes are run to sales and marketing struggles coupled with some recipes and workouts thrown in for good measure. To stay updated on these weekly videos please be sure to subscribe to the Mr. Titan Fitness YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy these blogs and vlogs and it provides you some value in how a business develops slowly but surely and everyone has their own unique journey that they shouldn’t compare to anyone else. More than anything else too it helps to keep me accountable and see the progression for myself. Something everyone should aim to be doing. Find some accountability and I guarantee your results will show a massive improvement.





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