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Hey guys,

here is a quick post centered around getting you the biggest bang for your buck results wise by the end of this block. So if you guys have been here before you will know I used to do weekly blog posts to help keep you guys accountable and motivated throughout the whole block. However, based on analysing peoples engagement with it i thought i would make the challenges a little longer than a week as people felt it came across as “too much to think about”. So I re accessed the process you guys go through during your time at Titan and have made a few adjustments:

  1. The Nutrition Seminar is now virtual and can be watched at anytime. Link at bottom of page. This was due to it being hard to align schedules.
  2. The blog posts will be every few weeks rather than every week and will be more thought provoking than challenge based. I want to get you guys reflecting rather than just plodding along expecting it to hit you in the face
  3.  During the break I have been working really hard getting starter booklets for everyone (around 50 pages) and is my gift to you. All I would ask in return is actually use them. Spoken to the print man and they will be printed is week. The booklet has home workouts/recipes/tips and hints as well as a lot of the stuff in the ebooks. However, I get not everyone loves tech as much as I do so you can’t go wrong with a physical book (other than spelling)
  4. New equipment which means new workouts
  5. More fun and more trainers

So back to the reflective part quickly before I lose you. A lot of you guys have seen amazing results and i’m super honoured to be a part of that. However, if you aren’t on that results train yet. Don’t worry just keep reading. A big thing that could be holding you back is trying to do everything. Now as a lot of you know I love a good pint. Does this mean I drink every weekend when i’m wanting a result? No, recently i’ve had a lot of social events on whilst trying to lose some fat and even me as a trainer has found it very difficult. Realise how important your nutrition is and take ownership of it. Get a good support network of people around you and make a few sacrifices to get that result. As once you are there and happy it’s a whole load easier to maintain that level than lose in the first place. Now this doesn’t mean cut everything out completely as the all or nothing approach NEVER works and you will develop a bad relationship with food this way. Instead, make mini challenges for yourself and gradually develop. Here is an example of what I planned week by week for the last block. You have 10 weeks left so they may look something like this:

1. Set 1 goal that is achievable

2. Drink 2l water per day

3. Do 3 or more full days of my fitness pal

4. 4 mobility movements each day

5. Fruit and veg per day

6. 6 Workouts in 1 week

7. Log 7 days into my fitness pal

8. Make 8 small changes in 1 week

9. Hit 90,000 steps in 1 week

10. Write out 5 achievements you have accomplished this block and 5 you need to work on next time

So don’t let the below be you and enjoy this process but you can’t have your cake and eat it too (ok maybe a wee bit of it)

GYM 100%


Social/Drinking Events over the 12 weeks


Social/Drinking Events over the 12 weeks

Protein Cookies

An example of a food swap would be Ali’s protein cookies down below:

They are so quick and easy to make and at 160 calories per cookie they are worth it.

They also happen to be gluten free.

🔹1 medium egg.
🔹1 medium egg white.
🔹50g whey protein(SAS Nutrition WPI 80 is my favourite).
🔹113g crunchy peanut butter.
🔹55g light brown/coconut sugar.
🔹30g coconut flour.
🔹 30g white chocolate chips.
🔹1 tsp baking powder.
🔹1/4 tsp salt.
🔹Splash of vanilla extract.

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180C and lone a baking tray with parchment paper.

2. Mix egg, egg white, peanut butter, sugar, coconut flour, salt and vanilla extract to a sticky dough.

3. Sieve in your protein and baking powder to make a firmer dough and add in the chocolate chips.

4. Spoon your mixture in to balls of cookie dough and place on the baking tray. You will need to flatten them with your fingers as they will rise in the oven.

5. Bake for 5-8 minutes and leave to cool on a wire rack.

Makes 9 large cookies.

Per cookie:
160 Calories.
9.6g Protein.
11.1g Carbohydrate.
8.2g Fat.

*If your dough is too wet then add extra protein. If it is too dry then add s splash of almond milk.

Alasdair Nicol
Titan Trainer


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