Titan Fitness

Welcome to Titan Fitness


Titan Fitness was founded in winter 2016. An opportunity was there to create something quite unique in the Southside of Glasgow. The fitness industry is saturated with budget gyms and bogus trainers only out to make a quick buck. The goal upon the creation of TF was to have something that helped you find an enjoyment in fitness and change your lifestyle for the better. Not just for 6 weeks. The personal touch from Personal training was gone. Trainers standing on their phones next to a treadmill, disinterested. Difference here is the care and effort put in everyday (by both sides) and aims to create a great community of like minded people… and Titan Fitness was born

Our Goals/Philosophy

The gym, a place that you dream or dream to go to? The answer should always be positive if you are doing it right. By right I mean something you enjoy, of course it shouldn’t be easy but at Titan Fitness we aim to find enjoyment in whatever you do, except the prowler… we hate the prowler 😂

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