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Personal Training

“Sylvester has been a great support since I started training with him 9 months ago.

He has taught me the importance of nutrition and is always available to ask for advice.

He has helped me continually by adjusting my calories and macros and providing macro friendly recipes, which helped me achieve my initial fat loss goal.”

Mick – Glasgow ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

For most people the only thing they are lacking isn’t motivation (as that comes and goes), it is accountability. By being accountable to  Personal Trainer who will actually listen to your problems and struggles thats where the magic starts to happen. You don’t go looking for something else… you just ask your trainer. 

“I love taking 121 sessions as it allows me to really focus on the wants and needs in and out of the gym of that person. This is where I can really help if you are struggling for whatever reason. Been doing this a while now so I have probably heard it before. This means I can advise you on what to do. Everyone can do it they just need that extra hand.” Sylvester Sweeney – TF Owner/Head Trainer


“Sylvester is a fabulous PT. I joined Titan Fitness when it first opened, it was the ideal place for me as I was intimidated by the big commercial gyms. Titan fitness and Sylvester make me feel so welcome and has really changed my outlook to fitness which I years ago used to dread and now I really enjoy. Sylvester built my fitness level up and confidence so that I was confident enough to join the ladies group training as well as continuing with Personal training. Thank you Sylvester I could not have done with without you and all your support, guidance, and knowledge.”

Sharon Findlay – Glasgow ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A personal trainer that just does there hours and doesn’t give you a hand and any sort of guidance with your diet/goals is an absolute money grabber. Training clients doesn’t just mean in the gym, it takes place outside the gym. By having someone checking up on you you’ll much less likely go back for the 3rd bit of chocolate.

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