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πŸ’ͺSEMI PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING (with head coach Sylvester):

πŸ’₯PRICE Β£ΜΆ250 (IF PAID UP FRONT) πŸ’₯ Personal Training from Β£25 per week (Usually Β£45 per Hour)


So this is standard across all classes as I think it is very important to provide a vast amount of information so people can read it and learn about what to do:

βœ…Nutritional Help

βœ…Tracked Fitness Progression

βœ…Tracked Strength Progression

βœ…Whatsapp Group (Private Community)

βœ…Facebook Group (Private Community)

βœ…Recipe Book

βœ…E-book/Starter pack

βœ…Measurement Guide

βœ…Printed Recipe Books

βœ…Teamwork and Prizes

βœ…Awesome Community of People

However the struggle with this sometimes is that although people have gotten tremendous results others can often feel lost and demotivated to know what do specifically for them but by only having a very small number in the class and weekly check ins with me I can really help you meet your goal a lot more efficiently.

Latest Block member said:

“The gym facilities are excellent. Sylvester and Alasdair are very professional, helpful and eager to help you achieve your individual goal. I have been very impressed with my progress and it has surpassed all my expectations. I found the nutritional seminar and social media support very helpful. As a consequence I will be signing up for the next week block.” John Devine – Glasgow South β­β­β­β­β­

β€œSylvester is a fabulous PT. I joined Titan Fitness when it first opened, it was the ideal place for me as I was intimidated by the big commercial gyms. Titan fitness and Sylvester make me feel so welcome and has really changed my outlook to fitness which I years ago used to dread and now I really enjoy. Sylvester built my fitness level up and confidence so that I was confident enough to join the ladies group training as well as continuing with Personal training. Thank you Sylvester I could not have done with without you and all your support, guidance, and knowledge.”

Sharon Findlay – Glasgow β­β­β­β­β­

**Starts week beginning 15th October for 10 Consecutive Weeks**

Payment Info:

One off (Full) – Β£250

3 Installments – Β£100 (non refundable deposit) 2 further 4 weekly payments of Β£80 – Totals Β£260

** Only one email per slot

❗Very Limited Spaces 4-6 People Maximum

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